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landscape-design-theyarddepot-houston-landscaping-supplier | www.TheYardDepot.comMost new landscape installations in the Gulf Coast region use raised beds for a pleasing appearance and for proper drainage.  Well, mixed soil preparation will allow good drainage, and proper air and water circulation.

It should not hold too much water, nor should it be too “light” (should not contain too much peat or other organics, which will allow it to dry too quickly). The Yard Depot uses a mixture of soils for all your Houston landscaping needs.

Professional Bed Mix

~Extremely popular for raised bed planting

~Consist of bio compost, hummus, and screened loam

~Provides excellent nutrient retention as well as drainage

Recommendation:  For raised beds, flowers, and shrubs.

Professional Bed Mix | Houston Landscape Supplier | Landscape Supplier Houston

Premium Bed Mix

~ Premium soil is a blend of manure compost, humus compost, screened sandy loam, and coarse sand.

~ Ideal for your in-ground garden or a raised bed-backyard garden.

~The ingredients are blended as to provide good permeation and aeration for a healthy root system and successful garden.

~ This product contains no bio-solids

Recommendation:  roses, azaleas, vegetable gardens, and raised beds.

Premium Bed Mix Houston Landscape Supplier |

Turf Mix

~ 60/40 blend of course sand and bio-solids

~ Great for top dressing existing lawns or laying new sod over

Recommendation: Also good for cactus (50% Turf Mix & 50% Pea Gravel), and trees.

Plain Topsoil

~ Unscreened.
~ Increases fertility and improves drainage when mixed with existing soils.

Recommendation:  For leveling low spots in lawns, fill dirt for dog holes, and raising the ground when building a new flower bed.

Topsoil Houston Landscape Supplier |

Low-Grade Fill

Our low-grade fill is a mixture of all of our scraps from our yard into one pile, including mulch, sand, soil, gravel, …

Recommendation:  May be used as a less expensive fill dirt or soil.

Low Grade Fill | Houston Landscape Supplier | Landscape Supplier Houston

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