Steel Edging

~ 3 different colors: Green , Black, & Brown

~ Professional grade  steel edging with heavy-duty stakes. • 14 gauge steel edging.
• Allow 8 inches per section for overlap.
• Be sure to drive stakes flush with top of edging.
• Each 10′ piece comes with 4 green stakes

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Steel Edging In Different Colors - TheYardDepot


~Poly Board Landscape Edging is constructed of super strong premium recycled polyethylene. UV protection has been added to prevent damage from the sun. Its strength and rigidity allow for easy installation and its joints interlock for a streamline appearance. Poly Board is available in 20 foot lengths

~Colors: Light Brown & Caramel Brown, Length: 20′ , Height: 4″ & 6″

~Stakes sold separately

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Weed Barrier

~Professional grade fabric which allows water to penetrate the soil but does not allow weed growth. Can be cut to size with scissors or knife.

~Available in 6 different sizes: (3′ X 50′) , (3′ X 100′) , (4′ X 100′) , (3′ X 300′) , (4′ X 300′) , (6′ X 300′)

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Bagged Soil( 1 cu. ft.)

~Compost: our premium compost is manure based that is mature and tested and then enhanced with Medina.  pH is typically between 6.5 and 8. High in organic matter and makes a great soil conditioner. High in plant available macro and micro nutrients such as: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Calcium, etc.
~Potting Soil: is a blend 80% aged pine bark, 20% compost, with peat moss, perlite, and Medina. pH is typically around 5 to 6. Ideal for planting color or potting up small container plants. Great for acid loving plants like Azaleas. The blend is designed to balance porosity and water retention in containers.

~Garden Soil: is a blend of manure compost, humus, and screened loam enhanced with Medina. pH is typically around 6 to 7. Ideal for raised gardening or just amending your current garden. Can also be used for any of your landscape planting when a premium product is wanted.

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Bagged Mulch ( 2 cu. ft.)

~Available in 3 different kinds: Black Dyed, Brown Hardwood , & Pine Bark

~ Mulch is a natural product that provides weed suppression, moisture retention and color enhancement. It is made from 100% recycled products sourced within your community. These products are then processed to provide the most beneficial and appealing product available and packaged for your convenience.

Recommendation: Mulch should be applied at least annually for maximum benefit to the plants. Be sure to loosen old mulch before application of new mulch as this will increase the air and water flow to the root zone.


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