Landscape Materials

Material to Use on Landscape Residential & Commercial Projects

LandscapeDesign-cypress-landscape-supplier | theyarddepot.comLANDSCAPE PLANTING IN HOUSTON TX:

  • Grass Turf Mix – Shrubs Professional Bed Mix or Premium Bed Mix
  • Trees Turf Mix – Roses or Azaleas Rose and Azalea Mix
  • Flowers Premium Bed Mix – Cactus Turf Mix and Pea Gravel (50/50)
  • Vegetables Premium Bed Mix – Raising Beds Professional Bed Mix or Premium Bed Mix + Compost


  • Lawns – Turf Mix (more nutrients), or Masonry Sand
  • Pavers or Flagstones – Decomposed Granite Gravel or Torpedo Sand
  • Walkways – Granite Gravel, Septic Gravel, Pea Gravel or Limestone Gravel
  • Driveways/Parking Lots – 1.5” Limestone
  • Under Concrete – Bank Sand
  • Decorating/Laws Substitutes – Pea Gravel, Septic Gravel, Rainbow Gravel, Bull Rock, Flagstone or 1.5” Limestone


  • Lawns – Bag Fertilizer or Compost
  • Enriching Beds – Professional Bed Mix, Premium Bed Mix or Compost


  • Beds, Shrubs, Trees – Brown Mulch is very high quality and is our best value. Color consideration may influence your choice.


  • Borders – Any Types of Stones such as Corkstone, Limestone, etc.
  • Steppting, Walkway, Patios – Flagstone

Depending on the look you wish to achieve. Some thick rocks and dense rocks will be difficult to split. Consider color for overall appearance and the amount of labor required for installation. If you don’t see the size, shape or color you like, please inquire our helpful staff; chances are they are on order. If not, we’ll be happy to order it for you. 
If you have any questions or just need advice, please feel free to ask us. We’re here to help any way that we can.

We appreciate your business and good luck with your projects!